Ways to Reduce Stress and Arthritis Inflammation - Ways to Reduce Stress and Arthritis Inflammation -

Ways to Reduce Stress and Arthritis Inflammation

Ways to-Reduce Stress and Arthritis InflammationAnyone afflicted with Arthritis is probably aware that it literally means ‘joint inflammation’. No matter which kind of arthritis you have been afflicted with, controlling inflammation plays a key role in managing the disease. That’s easier said than done though, because one of the biggest triggers of inflammation is stress.

Stress is something we face in our day-to –day lives. It could be caused due to something minor such as waiting in line, or bigger life decisions such as a career shift. No matter what the reason, an arthritis patient will notice that an increase in their stress levels leads to an increase in their pain. We at Spinalogy Clinic have created this list of ideas to help you reduce your stress and in-turn your arthritis inflammation.

1. Identify the Cause of Your Stress: The best way to manage a situation is to identify its root cause. Do certain situations stress you out? Is there some way to avoid them or react differently to them? Most importantly though understand the relationship of your stress with your arthritis. Ask yourself specific questions such as where and when you feel the pain? How long your symptoms last? And what helps you relieve the pain? Answering these questions will make you more aware and in control of your arthritis.

2. Exercise Regularly: Arthritis patients tend to shy away from exercise. Some feel that it makes the situation worse while others feel they won’t be able to do enough to make a difference. These are myths. Several studies have shown that regular exercise strengthens the muscles and takes some pressure off the joints. Set your own pace of exercise and gradually build on it. Begin with low-impact aerobic exercises like swimming or Tai Chi (A type of martial art that involves slow, deliberate movements)

3. Sleep Well: Getting a restful night’s sleep with stiff, painful joints can be difficult for anybody. The problem however is that it’s not just the pain that keeps you awake, the lack of sleep makes your symptoms worse. It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation. To sleep better try and plan your medication in such a way that you feel the maximum relief just before bedtime. You could also try doing other pain-relieving activities, such as having a hot shower, just before you hit the sack. Consider using pillows to support joints that are in pain.

4. Eat Right: How often do you find yourself mildly irritable just before lunch? Or even extremely happy right after dessert? It is a known fact that food affects your mood and your stress levels. And of course, your body reacts differently to different foods. Some foods are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Fish is one such example as it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Almonds, pistachios and other such dry-fruits contain monounsaturated fats. And of course fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. All these foods either directly fight stress or inflammation.

5. Get Massages: Massages don’t just relax you mentally. Regular massages of arthritic joints help reduce pain and stiffness and improve blood circulation. However, before doing a massage, find a reputable massage therapist who understands your condition.

6. Meditate: Arthritis is not a choice. How you react to it is. Meditation and mindfulness are known to help you cope both with arthritis and the physical pain associated with it. In general, it is a well-known fact that meditation reduces stress and that in itself helps arthritis. Pain is not just a physical experience, but often it is an emotional one as well and meditation helps focus on the positive.

7. Control your Vices: If you are one who lights up to relax, you need to stop now. Smoking makes arthritic treatment less effective. It also creates more serious complications. Smokers have been found to suffer from more severe arthritis pain than non-smokers. While drinking in small quantities is acceptable, alcohol contains sodium and carbohydrates that increase arthritic pain. In the long run these two vices increase your stress levels.

While these methods can greatly help manage arthritis inflammation, the best thing to do is to be in constant touch with your doctor. At Spinalogy Clinic we treat patients with a 360degree approach. Ask our team how to better cope with your arthritis inflammation.

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