Types of Leg Pain & Their Supporting Accessories - Types of Leg Pain & Their Supporting Accessories -

Types of Leg Pain & Their Supporting Accessories

Leg Pain Accessories

Field of pain medicine and orthopedics has advanced in leaps in recent years. Today, pain conditions can be managed to the extent that the patient, in most cases, can almost always return to a normal life. Along with treatments, support accessories have also advanced. These are recommended based on the condition and requirements of the patient. In this article, we at Spinalogy Clinic,Pune show you the supporting accessories we provide for few leg pain conditions.

Knee Support: Knee supports can be recommended in order to prevent injury or to help stabilize and heal an existing injury. They are made from materials such as foam, plastic, elastic and metal and come in various shapes and sizes. Essentially, knee braces/supports can be divided into 4 main kinds.

  1. 1. Prophylactic braces that protect the knees from sport injuries such as those one might encounter while playing football.
  2. 2. Functional braces that support knees that have already been injured.
  3. 3. Rehabilitative braces that are used to help heal and recover after surgery.
  4. 4. Patellofemoral braces that enhance the movement of the kneecap over the knee joint.

Knee sleeves are not technically braces but they are commonly used to control pain and swelling around the knee.

At The Spinalogy Clinic, Pune, we provide a wide range of knee braces in different sizes. The Hinged Knee Brace and Long Knee Brace can be used for ligament injuries while sleeves made out of comfortable fabrics and padding can be used to provide an injured knee with support. We also have Patella Straps. To see our complete range of knee support products visit https://spinalogy.com/product/knee-support/.

A knee support maybe recommended for the following conditions.

  • Patellofemoral Syndrome: This commonly occurs in athletes, teenagers and manual laborers. The pain here is usually felt in the front of the knee and around the kneecap which is also called the patella.
  • Meniscal Tear and ligament injuries of knee: This refers to a tear in the cartilage of the knee. The cartilage act as shock absorbers, so a tear can be quite painful. In some cases just a knee brace can help cure it, but where the tear is large surgery may be recommended.


There are many other conditions as well such as a runner’s knee, a jumper’s knee and even osteoarthritis, where knee braces may be recommended.

Foot & Ankle Support: The feet and the ankles are weight-bearing areas of the body and are highly prone to injury.  They are also highly complex structures that make even the slightest injury very painful. Two main conditions that affect this area are sprains and Achilles Tendinitis.

A sprain affects the outer part of the ankle when the ligament on that side tears. The Achilles tendon on the other hand is located at the back of the leg. Injury to this part usually occurs to an already degenerated tendon. An Achilles Tendon rupture is one of the most serious foot conditions one could have.

Ankle supports are designed to provide cushioning and support to the ankle area. They can also be worn during physical activities in order to prevent the ankle from straining. Ankle supports come in all shapes and sizes. Traditionally, there are 3 kinds of ankle supports:

  1. 1. Rigid Ankle braces that offer the highest level of preventive and post-injury support yet allowing the ankle to move and even maintain its full range of motion.
  2. 2. Lace-Up braces that offer preventive support yet comfort and freedom of movement.
  3. 3. Soft ankle braces that are designed to conform to the shape of the ankle.

We at the Spinalogy Clinic,Pune offer a wide range of ankle supports. Here, we describe a few.

Ankle Binders provide both compression and support to the ankle. The compression needs to be adjustable in order to reduce any swelling.

Ankle Sleeves also provide compression but not as much support. They do however work best for swollen ankles, weak ankles, soft tissue injuries, and sprains.

Cast shoes provide added support and protection for sprains, fractures, and post-operative foot and/or ankle surgeries. They are hypoallergenic and also help prevent the development of infections such as foot ulcers.

Medial Arch Supports help in cases of flat feet by providing the proper balance and support.

There are many more ankle support products offered by Spinalogy Clinic,Pune. You can explore them here https://spinalogy.com/product/ankle-support/#learn

Every medical brace functions in a different manner and therefore should be used only under guidance of a medical professional. We at Spinalogy Clinic,Pune prescribe support devices based on clinical assessment and diagnosis.

Another thing to keep in mind as well is the fact that braces and/or supports do not cure an injury but offer adequate support to address pain and any discomfort a patient might be experiencing.

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