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Customized Orthopedic Treatment Plans

Spinalogy Clinic provides orthopedic consultations for all musculoskeletal problems such as neck, back, joint, and bone pains. We make use of non-surgical intervention, spinal injections, and other solutions to ensure complete recovery. To ensure long-term health benefits, we provide a complete plan inclusive of physiotherapy, alternative therapies, and others in accordance with the patient’s recovery requirements.

Orthopedic Treatment Process at Spinalogy Clinic

When patients come to us with their complaints, our orthopedic specialists evaluate them thoroughly, diagnose them meticulously, and then advise customized treatment plans. This treatment plan is designed keeping in mind the slightest details and differences in individual conditions.

Emphasis is given on providing non-surgical treatment plans with minimum intervention. Although we don’t rely on prescribing medicines for a long time, a short-term course of medicines is given to provide comfort and immediate pain relief. According to the patient’s condition, either orthopedic procedures, and/or multidisciplinary therapies are planned. We make sure to give therapies as per patient’s requirement rather than going for inflexible protocols. After all, everyone has different requirements!

Non-Surgical Spinalogy Therapy

Non-surgical treatments keep patients from undergoing operative procedures that can be stressful, both physically and mentally. Generally, patients with neck, back, and joint pain are advised surgery. However, in our experience, most of these conditions can be treated effectively without surgery. To do this, we utilize ‘Spinalogy Therapy’, which is a multidisciplinary treatment designed by our doctors. If care is taken at the right time, orthopedic conditions can be cured completely without operating on the patient. These treatments have long lasting effects helping patients avoid operative procedures for long periods. Spinalogy’s Multidisciplinary Approach is scientific and proven to be effective through past and ongoing research.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Therapy

  • Restores normal functioning of the human body by enhancing its healing capacity
  • Helps in fast and natural healing of the body
  • Normalizes work life imbalance
  • Improves productivity and reduces absenteeism at workplace
  • Saves valuable time of the patient that is likely to be wasted due to ill health or surgery
  • Saves money by reducing the cost of surgery and hospital admission
  • Eliminates chances of complications due to surgery


Non-surgical interventions are advised only to those patients with advanced or chronic orthopedic conditions. These interventions provide instant as well as long-term relief without undergoing surgeries. The treatments mentioned here can be performed within a day and ensure fast recovery. Our orthopedic specialist decides whether you need these interventions depending on clinical evaluation, investigations, response to earlier treatments, etc.

Some of the non-surgical interventions performed by our specialists are:

  • Spinal Injections (Root Block, Facet Block, Vertebroplasty, etc.)
  • Synovial Fluid Therapy
  • PRP Injections
  • Prolotherapy

Spinal Injections

Spinal injections or Spinal block are injections given near nerves, or sometimes into spinal joints to treat inflammation (swelling and irritation), and reduce the pain effectively of patients suffering from spinal problems. Unlike oral medicines, injections deliver medicine directly to the site of pain and have a focused impact with fewer side effects.

Spinal Injections Administered at Spinalogy Clinic

At Spinalogy Clinic, we believe in treating spinal pain with non-surgical methods.
We provide the following types of spinal injections:

  • Nerve Blocks
        a. Selective Nerve Root Block
        b. Medial Branch Block
        c. Caudal Epidural Injection
        d. Cervical Root Block
        e. Cervical Epidural Injection
        f. Translaminar Epidural Injection
  • Spine Joint Injections
        a. Facet Joint Injection
        b. SI joint injection
  • Vertebral Injections
        a. Kyphoplasty
        b. Vertebroplasty

Purpose of Spinal Injections

Some of the problems that spinal injection serves to solve:

Spinal Injections

Spinal Injections

Nerve Root Block Injections – Epidural Injections

The most common spinal injection is the epidural injection. An epidural injection can help control local inflammation by removing chemicals from the local area that may contribute to and exacerbate pain. Inflammation is a common component of many lower back conditions. Reducing this inflammation in turn decreases pain.

Conditions for Use of Epidural Injections

An epidural injection is administered in conditions where:

  • The pain radiates from the lower back into the leg
  • Cervical disc prolapse with radiation to upper limb
  • Some examples of such conditions are:
    1. a. Disc herniation or disc bulge
      b. Degenerative disc disease
      c. Sciatica
      d. Lumbar spinal stenosis
      e. Compression fracture of vertebra
      f. Cysts in the joint or nerve root
      g. Failed back surgery syndrome

Epidural Injections at Spinalogy Clinic

Most of the patients at Spinalogy Clinic can be treated with standardized protocols
and surgical intervention is avoided. The following are some of the details of epidural
injections administered
at Spinalogy:

  • Epidural injection is a day care procedure administered under local anaesthesia.
  • The patient can go home within one hour after the procedure.
  • Usually, there are no serious side effects or complications from the procedure.
  • Rarely does a patient require more than one injection. If minimal to no improvement is found after two injections, then further similar injections are usually not advised. Repeat injections are based on pre-treatment goals and the therapeutic response following the injection.

Epidural injections are administered along with an active exercise program to increase muscle flexibility and strengthening.

Not all patients with spinal pain or slip disc require spinal injections. Your specialist decides whether you require spinal injections depending upon clinical evaluation, response to earlier treatments, investigations such as X-rays, MRIs, etc.

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