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Complementary Therapy

Complementary therapy is complementary (supportive) to our conventional therapies at Spinalogy, hence the name. This specialised treatment at Spinalogy Clinic provides our patients with a comprehensive treatment that works at the root cause of the problems.

We know that our patients face great turmoil bearing the symptoms of their conditions. Through complementary therapy, we want our patients to realise their body strength and prevent the progression of the disease and in the long run, the need for surgery.

We have therefore taken great efforts in creating this treatment to suit our patient’s needs.

Complementary therapy focuses on overall well-being of the individual by revitalising the body and mind thus encouraging patient’s innate healing capacity.

These therapies are advised to our patients after carefully evaluating their condition, only the most essential and helpful are prescribed.

These include:-

  • Alternative Therapies

    Through alternative therapies we integrate modern medical therapies with traditional medicinal sciences like Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Our Alternative Therapy Consultant plans your customised treatment after a detailed history and evaluation. All our herbs and oils are standardised and authentic as we do not compromise with the quality of patient’s treatment. These therapies have shown excellent results with spine and joint conditions.

  • Stress management

    It is advised to those people who have a history of stressful lifestyle, anxious personality or psychosomatic symptoms.

  • Nutrition Counseling

    On the basis of patient’s nutritional level and deficiencies, diet guidelines are provided during our nutritional counseling.

Alternative Therapies

At Spinalogy, alternative therapies deal with traditional Ayurvedic healing that helps body restore its health using natural products. Depending upon the condition, various therapeutic treatments are given that suit varying needs of the patients.

Alternative therapies are natural therapies that reduce physical and mental stress and strengthen our body. While practicing alternative therapies, our team makes sure that they concentrate on whole patient wellness by attempting to find the underlying cause of the patient’s condition rather than emphasizing only on symptomatic treatment. We at Spinalogy treat individual patient with emphasis on prevention and self-care for healthy living.

In our experience, the Ayurvedic methods used in alternative therapies at Spinalogy have shown excellent results with patient conditions. Our alternative therapists are highly knowledgeable and boast of a vast experience.

We use authentic and standardised ayurvedic oils specific to a particular ailment.

Alternative therapies significantly have positive effect on the following systems of the body:-

  • Musculoskeletal system – Improves the joint movements and muscle tone. Reduces the stiffens, spasm and micro injuries of the muscles.
  • Nervous System – Stimulates the nerves, soothes Central Nervous System (CNS)
  • Circulatory system – Improves blood circulation which increases the uptake of oxygen and nutrients in the body thus speeding healing process.
  • Lymphatic System – Cleanses the lymphatic system.
  • Endocrine system – Regulates hormonal imbalances.
  • Digestive system – Improves digestion and bowel habits especially constipation.

    We have an absolutely up to date setup to provide these therapies; it includes clean therapy rooms and therapy accessories, etc. All our medicines and oils are standardised and authentic, as we do not compromise on quality of treatment.

    Stress Management

    Today’s competitive and hectic life comes with its own side effects, mental stress being one of them. The connection between physical pain and mental stress has been proved several times.

    Mental stress has become a common cause for chronic pain, especially neck and back pain.

    In our experience, when mental stress of a patient is reduced, he/she shows significant recovery from physical ailments and enhances overall health.

    At Spinalogy Clinic, stress management is advised to those people who have a history of stressful lifestyle, anxious personality or psychosomatic symptoms. Here you consult our consultant psychiatrist who assesses you thoroughly based on which specific techniques and/or medicines are advised for mental relaxation.

    Nutrition Counselling

    Food | Diet | Physical Wellbeing

    It is important to associate food with nutrition and not just a T-shirt size. What you eat determines your feel good factor. How healthy you are and feel is a direct result of your every meal. Hence, a clean healthy diet is the way to a better life.

    Junk Food –Say No, Sunlight – Say Yes!

    Today, junk food is an easy alternative to a healthy meal. If we are choosing convenience over health, the results will definitely be drastic. Hence, it is important to know that wrong food habits can lead to dietary deficiency. These deficiencies have a direct effect on the muscles and bones.

    How does that happen? Well, the various elements and vitamins required for our body to function optimally are depleted over time. In a healthy diet, these are supplemented in our body constantly. On the other hand, when eating junk food, there is a deficit of vitamins and minerals, which affects the health of our joints and spines adversely. Patients who spend a lot of time indoors may suffer from illnesses related to low sun exposure. Vitamin D and B12 deficit is common in such individuals leading to anaemia, weakness, tingling, etc. We identify and resolve these issues to help the individual gain a stronger body to solve any additional problems he might be facing.

    We conduct diet discussions with our patients who visit us with any problems related to dietary deficiencies. In these sessions, we educate our patients on the diet they need to consume. We provide a tailor made diet guideline according to a patient’s lifestyle, food habits, and deficiencies. By solving the problem from the root, we are able to help our patients enjoy a better state of life than ever before.

    Spinalogy Clinic provides excellent treatment plans aimed at holistic improvement of the patient. We help in lifestyle correction and modification through natural, nonsurgical ways, thus helping in improving overall quality of life.

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