Discogenic Lower Back Pain

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Age / Gender: 51 Years /Female Occupation: Teacher

This is a case study of the 51-year-old Sandhya Lalit Phalak who is a teacher by profession. The nature of her job requires her to stand for 6-7 hours a day. Gradually, she has developed Discogenic lower back pain.

Chief Complaint: Experiencing pain in the lower back region since 2 months. The pain got exaggerated in the last one week.

History: : She has a continuous ache in her lower back region. This is a localized pain, which increases on activity. She also experiences stiffness at the site. There is no problem in urine control.
History: The patient has pain in the lower back region since 2 months, which increased gradually. She has taken allopathic treatment, which included strong painkillers, muscle relaxants, and regular hot fomentation routine. However, there was no change in the pain intensity. Additionally, she underwent Orthopedic and Physiotherapy treatments but could not get any relief.
Occupation History: The patient is working as a teacher in a school. Her job requires her to stand for 6-7 hours a day.
Present History: Patient is planning to quit her job because of the back pain. She visited Spinalogy Clinic through the reference of a colleague. She was looking for a non-surgical alternate to relieve her lower back pain.
Aggravating Factors: Patient pain increases on any activity, such as prolonged standing. She also experienced morning stiffness.
Easing Factors: Rest, medication, and hot packs relieved her pain temporarily to a minimal extent.
Pain on Visual Analogue Scale (VAS): 8/10
Examination : Patient was in pain and had difficulty moving. The patient was experiencing stiffness in the lower back region. Paraspinal muscle was in spasm as well.
Physical Examination: All lumbar movements were painful and restricted. Severe tenderness present at L4-L5 area on back. SLR test was negative. Combined movements were painful and limited. There is no neurodeficit in the patient’s body.
Investigations: Few blood tests and X-ray of lumbar spine with AP and lateral view were taken to ascertain the cause of the problem.
Treatment : She was prescribed with medication (painkillers) for a few days to help her cope with the symptoms. She was advised to take manual therapy sessions. Treatment involved a multifaceted methodology. The Spinalogy protocol for ‘Discogenic Lower Back Pain’ commenced, which included pain relief modalities, exercises for strengthening muscles, active stretching exercises, range of motion and flexibility exercises including hot pack to relax her muscles and alleviate her pain. She was also provided with ergonomic guidance to improve her posture in day-to-day tasks. This was needed to prevent the reoccurrence of the problem and correct her body mechanics. Her vitamin deficiencies were corrected with requisite medicines.
Outcome : After 2 weeks of systemic manual therapy sessions, the patient’s pain was alleviated by more than 90%. There was no muscle spasm and the stiffness reduced by a great extent. She was advised to continue with her exercises twice a day at home for one month. She was also advised to apply a hot pack to her lower back on a regular basis for 10 minutes a day for one month.
Patient’s word : Overall, it was a very good experience and I would like to thank Dr. Kiran Shete Sir for the kind attention he has given to me. I am completely satisfied with the treatment provided by the clinic. My back pain has reduced by up to more than 90%. Thanks to the continual effort and support of my Doctors, now I don’t have to opt for a surgery or other invasive treatments. Thanks to the entire Spinalogy team.

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