Causes of Arm Pain & Support Products to Aid Recovery - Causes of Arm Pain & Support Products to Aid Recovery -

Causes of Arm Pain & Support Products to Aid Recovery

Causes of Arm Pain & Support Products to Aid Recovery

You fracture your arm it’s put into a cast. You sprain your hand and out comes the crepe bandage. These are very commonly used arm supports. However, between fractures and sprains there’s a whole range of arm pains that need an equally wide array of support products that we may not be aware of. In this article we at Spinalogy Clinic, Pune shed light on a few causes of arm pain & their respective support products.

Arm/Shoulder Slings: An arm sling is used when you need to immobilize the arm or give it some extra support. It also helps realign the arm. An arm sling is made of fabric and uses a strap that wraps around your neck for support. An arm sling could be recommended after a fracture of the shoulder, elbow or wrist. The sling helps keep the arm in the right position in order for your bones to heal properly. When people have a shoulder surgery they use a sling to prevent unwanted muscle contractions that will hamper healing. Even in cases of stroke, a sling will be recommended. A stroke causes paralysis. If it affects your arm, the arm may hang by your side and feel heavy and painful.

Wearing a sling incorrectly can disrupt blood circulation. A common mistake while wearing a sling is tying it either too tight or too loose. The elbow needs to fit snugly and be at a 90 degree angle. The other mistake people make is to not exercise the surrounding muscles. A sling is meant to strengthen the arm, and not exercising the muscles around it will only weaken it.

At Spinalogy Clinic Pune, we don’t just advise you on how to wear your sling; we also have a range of slings to choose from. To know more about our products, visit

Similar to the arm sling is the shoulder sling or shoulder immobilizer. These are used in more severe cases especially post surgery. Take a closer look at

Elbow Supports: Most elbow problems are a result of overuse injuries especially while playing sport. Sometimes overusing a part of your arm may cause pain in the elbow .  While elbow injuries are not very serious, they can cause a large amount of discomfort as we use our elbows frequently.

An elbow brace is worn over the elbow and covers parts of the bicep and forearm. The brace creates a pressure on the arm that reduces pain and relieves tension. It gives your stressed muscles a rest. They are also used to prevent injury. Elbow braces are a good chemical-free alternative.

Elbow braces are made from different materials. Some use fabrics mixed with other materials such as copper or plastic for additional support while others use bamboo charcoal elements. No matter what the material being used, an elbow brace must be able to provide a compression level that matches your level of pain. Else it could do more harm than good.  It also needs to provide ventilation. These are a few elbow braces that we at Spinalogy Clinic, Pune provide

Thumb Support: Typing, texting and holding our smart phones all day are putting additional pressure on our opposable thumbs. There are a number of health conditions that can affect the thumb. De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis causes pain on thumb movements and requires special brace to immobilize and support thumb and wrist.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for example occurs when the nerves in your wrist are overused and become inflamed. This causes pain in the hand, thumb and wrist. Some forms of Arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis can lead to pain in the joints around the hands. Additionally, external injury can such as sprains and fractures can cause thumb pain. One such injury is what is called the ’skiers thumb’ or ‘gamekeeper’s thumb’. This refers to the tearing of the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb.

A thumb brace or support stabilizes the movement of the injured thumb. That apart it also provides compression. Depending on your condition you may be recommended a basic thumb splint, guard or sock.  At the Spinalogy Clinic, Pune we have a wide range of thumb supports

As you can see, there are many kinds of arm pain with an equal number of causes that one may suffer from but the good news is there are a variety of support products available as well. At the Spinalogy Clinic, Pune, we help you select the right arm support for your particular condition.

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