It’s all about “U”, “Me” & “She” —– “All Mothers”

“Mom” !! ….women of god. The word Mother brings many different thoughts and images to the mind of every individual on this planet. But can we forget a mother is a woman afterall? I have taken the opportunity to share few more important topics related to women on “The Mother’s day”.

Whenever the word “Mother” comes to my mind I cannot capture her into the age limit. Rather I see her evolving through different phases —

1) a sweet girl

2) a teenager

3) a married lady(homemaker)

4) a married lady + working lady( a 2 in 1 combination)

5) homemaker/ working lady  who is pregnant

6) homemaker + working woman + mother  ( 3 in 1 combination)

7) Lady in her menopausal phase.

It’s the same body structure which is trying to fit in all the above roles. No doubt as years pass by woman starts becoming stronger.( is it True? ) I’ll correct the statement. Actually she becomes stronger mentally trying to cope up with all the tasks. But as far as her health is concerned it is medically proven that she is at high health risks as compared to the men!

  • Be it a homemaker, full time job, office targets, family responsibility, household chores — a mother is keeping her health the last priority. It’s time for her and others in the family to understand that “she” needs extra care and attention. A mother is prone to many health conditions like—
  • Anemia
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Osteoporosis
  • Weight gain
  • Weakness
  • Gynaecological problems

In a nut shell I would like to say that the change starts from “U”. So let’s see how we can at least follow few health tips to be active, fresh throughout the day and keep the health complaints at bay.

1) To start a good day you should have at least 7-8 hrs sleep. Do not strain your eyes and body in completing tasks till late night. ( it can be even watching  your favorite TV show)

2) Drink lots of water throughout the day. It helps in eliminating the toxins from your body and keeps your body hydrated.

3) Exercise regularly — do simple stretches/ yoga. It will keep your body toned and you’ll remain active the rest of the day.

4) Have fresh fruit juices, green leafy vegetables; food rich in fiber. Sprouted cereals will help you in increasing your protein diet.

5) Be away from fast food/junked food —- they are believed to be the main culprits in conditions like — PCOD, Weight gain, infertility.

6) Go for natural intake of calcium, vit D or its supplements. You are strong if your bones are strong. Milk & milk products should be a part of your daily eating menu.

7) Get your health checkup done at regular intervals. It will help you to know if any disease is trying to creep in silently.

8  Do not ignore your backache, joint pain complaints. Here the calcium/ vitamin D / uric acid tests play very important role. Mark my words— If you are really the backbone of your home, then take care of your backbone first. Go for natural ways of treating your pain. Ask for correct exercises, stretches, postures. It really works wonder in your day to day life.

9)In the 30s, 40s and during the menopausal phase  you may come across problems related to your menstruation— it can be anything from scanty menses to heavy bleeding, from a ovarian cyst  to a fibroid in the uterus. Do not panic! Go for proper consultation. It will calm your anxiety & depression and will help you in going for the right treatment. Not every fibroid or a growth is malignant. So always be calm and stay away from fear.

10) Always have a positive attitude. Meditate at least for few minutes.give spaces for yourself and time for your hobbies.

Let’s give a try to all these simple things in life and check out how much difference it creates to all of us.

Enjoy reading !!

Wish you all a very “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”

Thank you.

Dr. Prachi Suryawanshi, BAMS

Dr. Kiran Shete

MS (Ortho), DNB, F.ASIF (Swiss), MNAMS, PGP (ISB)
Founder and Chief Medical Director

Spinalogy Clinic