Spine and Joint Week

Warm greetings from the Spinalogy Clinic.

As we all know, 12th October is celebrated as the World Arthritis Day and 16th October is celebrated as World Spine Day. Considering these days, we the Team Spinalogy is celebrating this week as “Spine and Joint Week” from the 11th to 18th of October 2012.

Spine conditions and joint pains are the two most common problems that affect majority of the population. Today in India, about 80% of the population suffers either from back/neck pain or joint pains. These conditions may affect any of the age groups. These statistics show the necessity of serious thought required to spread the awareness regarding these conditions affect the general population. These are the conditions that hamper the quality of individual’s life. Surprisingly, not many people are aware of the direct and indirect effects of these conditions and this ignorance might cause them to pay heavy price later.

“Spinal disorders” such as Low back pain, Neck pain, Sciatica, Disc bulge Prolapse are most common conditions and they can have a profound effect on a person’s overall health. These conditions affect the person’s ability to work, to enjoy everyday activities and even disrupt healthy sleep patterns. They also lead to poor work performance and increased work absenteeism.

Research has demonstrated that poor postures and inactivity can contribute to the progression of back pain and other spinal disorders. Sustaining incorrect postures for prolonged duration can lead to adaptive shortening and lengthening of the muscles. This leads to weakening of the muscles. The amount of work pressure and stress involved in daily life also contribute to these conditions. Repetitive stress and incorrect movement patterns of the weakened muscles lead to inflammatory and degenerative changes in the spine. Poor work place ergonomics add agony to the already compromised musculoskeletal tissues.

“Arthritis” is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammatory changes in one or more joints. There are about 100 different varieties of arthritis. The most common forms are Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Psoriatic arthritis. The pain from arthritis usually occurs due to the inflammation that occurs around the joint and the damage that occurs to the joint from disease. The daily wear and tear of joint, muscle strains caused by forceful movements against stiff painful joints and fatigue also contribute to these changes.

However, the good news is that most of these diseases can be prevented when they are diagnosed at earlier stages. The severity of the conditions can be minimized. The worsening of the conditions can be halted when diagnosed early. We have observed that the main reason of the development of these conditions is the lack of awareness .Many people don’t recognize the early warning signs and symptoms associated with these conditions. By the time they seek medical help their condition is very severe and requires aggressive treatment or sometimes even interventions. By staying active and following certain correct ergonomic guidelines many of these conditions can be prevented and cured.

Therefore, we at SPINALOGY have decided to spread awareness in people by celebrating this week (11th – 18th October) as “Spine and Joint Week”. We have and will continue to organize several CME, seminars and camps at various locations such as Schools, Corporates and Societies.

We have observed that school children at a very early age develop pains in the neck and the back due to faulty techniques of carrying school bags etc. In our workshops at schools we have taught the school children the ergonomic ways of carrying their bags .We all know that computers and ipads have taken the centre stage of our life. Our daily life involves spending many hours at the desktop. These are the activities that we cannot avoid. However, we can take some precautions that would prevent the development and progression of these conditions. In the seminars held for the employees at the corporate section, we gave an outlook to the people about the causes and consequences of poor work ergonomics. Also, people were educated on the role of exercises in these conditions. Certain basic and effective exercises and stretches were taught to the people. Correct postures that need to be adapted while sitting and working were shown. The best way to keep spine from surgical knifes is by starting to take care of it from today. Keep exercising and follow good ergonomics at the work place.

As the heart and the brain are the centers for proper functioning of the body, similarly spine and joints are the vital structures necessary for leading a healthy and joyous life. As they say that “A Stitch In Time Saves Nine “, following ergonomic life at the earliest is the key to lead a pain free life. So in this “Spine and Joint Week”, let us all take a pause from our busy daily routines and take care of our Spine and Joints.

Dr. Kiran Shete

MS (Ortho), DNB, F.ASIF (Swiss), MNAMS, PGP (ISB)
Founder and Chief Medical Director

Spinalogy Clinic