Computer screens and neck pain

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Do you experience neck and shoulder pain, eyestrain, or headaches after working at your computer for a while? If so, then you may need to make sure of the position of the screen and choosing the right location of the computer monitor on the desk or the workspace.

In the last few years computers have become the part of everyday life. People whose jobs require to sit them for prolong period of time in one position  in front of  the computer and this position   puts lot of stress on your cervical spine i.e. your neck .

Studies have shown that neck angles and trunk inclination are significantly affected by changes in screen height i.e. the neck becomes more erect with higher screen positions and the trunk also noted to be more backward leaning as the screen height was increased

If monitor is not positioned correctly it can cause neck pain and upper back discomfort. So you have to work right! Make your workstation as comfortable as you can with simple ergonomic changes.

Your viewing distance: It should be 12-28 inches from the computer screen then you are not straining your neck muscles to see what you are typing.

Computer screen position: Make sure your computer screen should be slightly below your eye level

Computer screen angle: The angle of the computer screen should be 10-20 degrees

Glare: Windows are a common source of glare on the monitor. If you work in a room with many windows be sensitive to any reflections that may show on your monitor. Try to position the monitor so there’s no glare on the screen. If you can’t avoid the glare by readjusting your monitor positioning put a high quality anti glare screen

In addition to ergonomic considerations also develop a repertoire of neck exercises and stretches which will help you ward off muscle fatigue and neck pain.

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