Bags and Back Pain !!!

Bags! Are becoming style statement and also a must in our lifestyle. Laptop bag, school bags, office bags and variety of designer handbags. Big bags are seemingly practical for many of us as we have a lot to carry around these days, toted bottles of water, electronic goodies, novels, scarf’s, deodorants, snack –packs, heavy valets !

But beware guys, it’s not just the size of the bag its we carry more. However putting all these electronic goodies in one handbag isn’t really practical for your back, shoulders and spine.

Doctors say they are seeing more patients of back, neck and shoulder pain than ever who say they are feeling the effects carrying heavy loads.

“Actually what happens is, when we carry heavy loads to one side there is asymmetry in weight distribution and muscle fatigue happens which results in back pain at the end of the day and if this practice continues it results in spasm and then the problem continue growing’’

What we need to know to ensure is:

  • Alternate, which shoulder you carry your handbag on often, especially if walking long distances or standing on subway for long time.
  • Always opt for bags which are made of lightweight material and have broad straps.
  • Put your laptop in a fashionable backpack; don’t overstress one side of your body.
  • If carrying a laptop bag take it across, with the padded strap on your shoulder.

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