A Painful Journey !!!

Pune is city known for its dense traffic of two wheelers. As common as the riders, is the riding related back and neck pain. A rider trying to find comfort on his bike seat and stretching and twisting to relieve his back pain is a common sight on a traffic signal in Pune. The neck pain associated with riding has long been abused by riders to get rid of the compulsion of wearing helmets. But, have we given thought as to why this back and neck pain is so common with riders?

One of the obvious reasons is the horrible conditions of the roads! A bike which goes without maintenance for a few months wouldn’t be able to last these roads, so how would your back? The bumps and potholes in the roads, which deteriorate further during the monsoons, give bad shocks to the back. However good the shock absorbers are on your bike, there will be a component of the shock that is conducted to the back.

Another reason is the bike itself, which can be a culprit in many ways. The stock seats which are used on conventional bikes offer little comfort to the low back and can lead to an excessive pressure on the sacral region. Long rides can even render this region to be numb and insensitive for short periods of time! The tilt of the bike seat can also be an issue identified through various studies. Studies in Japan and Nigeria have proven that back pain can be associated with the kind of motorcycle and the accessories in about 60% of the riding related back pain patients. Similarly, the position of the handles and the bars is a very important factor. Leaning forwards on the bike handle is linked to upper back and neck pains by a study conducted on motorcyclist policemen, affecting more than 45% of the subjects in the study. The placement of the foot plates and supports is also a factor but to a lesser degree. Shock absorbers play a very important role in Indian conditions for limiting the jerks and forces on the spine.

The third reason which can be the deciding factor is the rider’s posture. Your posture on the bike is the most important factor, overruling the other problems presented by the road and bike conditions. Bad posture, slouching on the seat, leaning forward from the upper back with elevated shoulders, can lead to a host of orthopaedic problems ranging from impingement syndromes to facetal locking and malpositions. Maintaining a straight back is one of the simplest solutions for a pain free ride. Also, a single posture can never be the answer for your problems. The key to this is changing postures and stretching from time to time. Dehydration and fatigue also play a key role in pains and hence proper rest and hydrations during rides can help prevent pain.

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