Know Your Back: Back Structures – an Overview

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Today, we are starting with a series of blogs on “Know Your Back”. This is the first blog in this series.

Our backbone- the spine is a fascinating structure. It is one of the primary differentiating factors that make us human- an erect spine. It gives us the capability to be bipedal –standing on our two legs upright!

The spine is composed of many different structures and tissues coming together. In subsequent articles, each one of them would be highlighted and explored in brief for your understanding.

The spinal column is the axis of body architectures. It supports the head and protects the vital organs in the body cavities. It also provides attachment and link to the limbs through the two girdles. It is a dynamic and flexible structure with complex movement patterns that enables us to carry out a variety of activities and tasks such as sports, dance, lifting, pulling, pushing etc.

The spine is not a continuous single unit but is made up of numerous smaller units all linked together by joints and supports. It forms a chain of sorts and hence can be a rigid stable structure or a mobile, flexible structure as required.

We will help you understand and explore the wonders of the back and neck and their role in your overall health. So keep following us for the updates!

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