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As we all are aware that Back Pain is quite prevalent in Indian population. 80% of people will suffer from it some time in their lifetime. It is increasing day by day because of changing working style and ignorance at early stage of problem. Many people in fact consider back pain as one of the routines of daily life and start adjusting their work pattern and lifestyle to suit back pain. Now this is something I am really worried about because people keep abusing their back till the stage when damage to back becomes irreversible because of structural changes in spinal elements such as facet joints and ligaments. If back pain is affecting normal course of activities, I always advise not to ignore even if it is occasional and get it diagnosed. Unfortunately, most of the patients come with chronic condition, but fortunately, very few cases will need surgery. Key is to diagnose these patients thoroughly and use right mix of therapies! Surgery should be the last resort, if at all required.

While treating these back pain patients over the years, I came across many patients where there is no definitive clinical finding suggesting a particular pathological condition of spine. So, along with clinical acumen, a good understanding of spine anatomy & biomechanics is required to manage these patients. After experience and research, I have noticed that all the below mentioned modalities have their own benefits and we need to use them judiciously to selected patients. Selection criteria may depend on age, location & nature of pain, associated conditions, social status and psychological assessment. One may use one or all therapies, depending upon the patient’s diagnosis and condition.

There are a wide variety of non-surgical treatments that are usually successful in treating back and neck pain. Some of the most common non-surgical treatment options are physical therapy, exercises, medication, spinal injections, and alternative medicine.