What Are The Best Ways To Prevent Neck Pain?

What Are The Best Ways To Prevent Neck Pain?

There are some kinds of neck pain that we have no control over. Age related wear and tear for example or neck pain due to an injury. But the more common neck pains we face can be controlled and prevented to some extent. While neck pain is rarely indicative of something more serious, it’s still a pain in the neck! We at the Spinalogy Clinic, Pune take a look at some of the best ways to prevent neck pain.

Keep Your Head Held High: While this might sound like general life advice when it comes to your neck, take it literally. One of the most common causes of neck pain today is bending excessively while using gadgets. In fact, there’s even a term for it; text neck. Looking down at your phone repeatedly, strains the muscles and ligaments in the neck. This can lead to serious problems over time.

Texting is not the only culprit. Sitting at a desk and working on a computer for a larger part of the day, can also cause neck pain. Human beings are designed to be mobile and our sedentary lifestyles don’t suit us on a daily basis.

It may seem like there’s not much one can do to avoid pains caused by overusing technology but a few small changes can go a long way. For example try keeping your computer screen at eye level. If necessary attach another monitor. With mobile phones, using a hands-free device will prevent you from holding your phone with your shoulder.

Take Pillow Talk Seriously: The pillow you use at night can seriously affect your neck and the quality of sleep you get. In general try choosing a pillow that maintains the natural curve of your neck.

Choose your pillow on the basis of your sleeping position. The most comfortable positions for your neck are lying on flat on your back or on your side. If you lie on your back you need to use a more rounded pillow while if you lie on your side it is advisable to use a pillow that keeps your neck higher than your side.

There are also different kinds of pillows available. Memory foam pillows for example adjust themselves to the position of your head. If you want to prevent neck pain, take a good look at your pillow and see if it needs to be replaced.Lighten Your Load: How many times do we think of clearing out our handbags, but never get down to doing it? This simple act of procrastination can hurt your neck more than you realise. We often carry our bags on one side of our bodies. This creates an uneven distribution of weight and puts a strain on our shoulders and neck. Carry only your bare essentials. Also try and use a bag that distributes weight equally across both shoulders, like a backpack.

Observe Your Posture: Good posture requires your ears to be directly over your shoulders. The shoulders must be back and the chest should be open. This position provides the least strain on the neck.

Bad posture increases stress on the entire spine. It can also cause the spine to stretch, muscles to weaken, stiffness in general and injuries in future.

Pay attention to your posture during all your daily activities such as driving, working at your desk and even sleeping. Where you can’t change your posture much, try changing positions at regular intervals.

As you can see preventing neck pain is just a question of being slightly more attentive to the way we treat our necks. In the long run, exercising and strengthening your core and back muscles takes the strain off the neck.

While neck pain is usually not an emergency situation, it should be brought to a doctor’s notice if it is persistent and accompanied by numbness or weakness. At the Spinalogy Clinic Pune, we examine your lifestyle in detail to pin-point the exact cause of your neck pain.


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