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Super Specialty Center For Non Surgical Treatment Of Pain

Spinalogy Clinic is India’s first-of-its-kind super speciality centre for non-surgical treatments of Neck, Back and Joint pains.

Our research-based integrative multidisciplinary treatments are customised to make the patient's journey a truly human experience.

Over the years, the whole person-centric approach is entrenched in our team. This propelled us to be the most experienced team in non-surgical treatments.


Our Team


Dr. Kiran Shete

Founder and Chief Medical Director

Dr. Shraddha Potdar

Associate Physician

Dr. Mythri Makam

Consultant Physiotherapist

Dr. Sejal Solanki

Consultant Physiotherapist

What Patients Say


Marathi Testimonial of Back and Leg Pain Relief with Non-Surgical Treatments

Marathi Testimonial of Knee Pain Relief with Non-Surgical Treatments

Hindi Testimonial of Sciatica Pain Relief with Non-Surgical Treatments

Hindi Testimonial of Back and Leg Pain Relief with Non-Surgical Treatments

English Testimonial of Sciatica Pain Relief with Non-Surgical Treatments

English Testimonial of Low Back and Thigh Pain Relief with Non-Surgical Treatments

What our patients feel about Spinalogy Treatments

In the first visit, I was not sure whether treatment at Spinalogy would prove beneficial for my cervical pain or not. But then, I decided to give it a go and on the very first day of joining i was sure of not making any mistake. Everyday the doctors here are eager to know about our path to recovery... More

Vaibhav Kohli
4 months ago

I had severe knee pain & was even unable to lift my leg even 6 inches by bending the knee to wear my pant without pain. Found Spinalogy on the internet while searching for non-surgical solution to my problem. Was diagonised as having osteoarthritis in the knees Right more than Left. Was prescribed... More

Ghansham Damecha
4 months ago

Consulted Dr Kiran Shete for my mother's slip disc as she was barley able to walk. After taking treatment from them , her back pain reduced substantially without undergoing any surgery as suggested by other hospitals and doctors. Also great support from spinalogy team for after treatment physiotherapy... More

Pushkar Indulkar
5 months ago

My name is Suman Patel.I am from Assam.My experience was excellent.Treatment is very good. I came here for neck and back pain. Stayed here in Pune for 20 days only for the excellent treatment provided by spinalogy clinic recommend by my relative. All staff members are cooperative...More

Suman Patel
4 months ago

Many thanks to Dr.Kiran Shete & Dr. Mythri (PT) for helping me get rid of my shoulder & knee pain. Had read a quote somewhere, but never believed it "The best doctor gives the least medicines", until I visited a Spinalogy Clinic. From day 1, all the efforts were put in towards strengthening...More

Arijit Chakraborty
4 months ago

Spinalogy is one of the best institute for spine problems. I was diagonosed with Myleopathy (Nerve Compression at C5-C6) and almost all the doctors from Apollo to Sancheti suggested with Spine Surgery for my nerve compression. Rather than taking surgerical approach I took the non-surgical approach in...More

Ashish Mandrah
5 months ago

Informative Videos


Slip Disc – Causes, Stages and Symptoms (Hindi)

Our vertebral column contains 23 spinal discs. Cervical and Lumbar areas are most prone to disc injuries.


Pain in the Whole Body – Fibromyalgia (Hindi)

There are patients whose all diagnostic tests are normal, but the patient has a lot of pain in the body. It can be due to Fibromyalgia, which causes pain all over the body.


Types of Spinal Injections and Its Benefits (Hindi)

Spinal Injections help to reduce pain and inflammation. These are used successfully to treat a variety of painful conditions like sciatica, spondylosis etc.


Knee Pain in Young – Diagnosis and Treatment (Hindi)

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is the common cause of knee pain in young. The pain occurs due to improper tracking of the knee cap on the thigh bone.

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